Battle River Bud – Fossil Fuel Pre-Roll – Sativa – 5×0.5g


Very tight, dense, olive coloured buds with orange and white pistils overlayed with a white frost of trichomes.

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Product Information

Very tight dense olive coloured buds, with orange and white pistils hanging like coloured threads. These buds have an overlay of white frosty trichomes. These buds have an extreme gassy smell with delicious citrous and spice overtones. Limonene is the major terpene giving the citrous, followed by myrcene (hints of lemongrass, hops and mango), farnesene (rose, musk), caryophyllene (cinnamon, clove, black pepper) and linalool (magnolia, rosewood). 2.7% total terpenes. CBG 0.23%, CBGA 0.84%. This plant is very difficult to grow and takes more love and attention than most of our other offerings. It requires more crop steering and pruning than most varieties. However the final product is worth the challenge. It has long narrow leaves of a sativa, yet puts off shoots that look like vines and requires 3-4 prunings per crop. This is a high THC value for a sativa.

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