BC Black – Living Cannabis – Pakalolo Punch Pre-Roll – Indica – 3×0.5g


Pakalolo Punch was made by combining Pipeline Hashplant and Hawaiian Sativa. This indica-dominant strain has a peppery, floral and spicy flavour.

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Product Information

Living Cannabis is an Indigenous cannabis farm in the North Okanagan. Its holistic and regenerative growing methods are responsible for creating the high potency, super terpy flavour and dank aroma usually only found in the sun drenched fields of the Emerald Triangle in California.

BC Black is proud to introduce cannabis smokers to Living Cannabis and its flagship strain, Pakalolo Punch. Pipeline Hashplant and Hawaiian Sativa were combined to create this indica-dominant bud, which is tended with care in our Living Soil. This thriving ecosystem of peat moss, microbes, fungi, worms and other live elements makes a healthy environment for cannabis to thrive. The added nutrients in the soil give Pakalolo Punch a highly aromatic quality, and coupled with its exceptional potency and flavourful smoke, this craft-grown cannabis will be a hit amongst cannabis consumers everywhere. These premium pre-rolls utilize whole flower inputs only to create a convenient, ready-to-smoke pre-roll.

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