Smokes – Tropical Punch 1:1 Pre-Roll – Sativa – 5×0.7g


This CBD Twist on the popular Purple Punch is a dream come true for all 1:1 lovers. All the ancestors are loaded with sweet terps and resin.

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Product Information

All the ancestors are loaded with sweet terps and resin which are inherited by this sweet treat.  She can rival any THC plant in all categories. Purple Punch (Grand Daddy Purps x Larry OG) has met her match with a unique CBD line built with Harlequin (CBD Hashplant) and ACDC (Cannatonic). The product meets and exceeds all craft requirements. It is a true green and pure full spectrum sunlight product from seed to harvest while it has grown within clean greenhouse facility to ensure the highest quality. It has been fed artisan well water only. Our pre-rolls are rolled using slow burning high quality durable unbleached unrefined paper. The “filter” has a whole in the middle allowing for full enjoyment. The pre-rolls are rolled rather than stuffed. This is important because cones are stuffed which stacks the cannabis rather than weaves it. This makes it very easy for cones to fall apart. Slow burning is key to getting the most out of quality cannabis.

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