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How to Spot a High-Quality CBD Product

The CBD market is booming, thanks in large part to promising clinical research that continues to uncover many health benefits associated with CBD. But with so many options out there claiming to contain this amazing compound, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for a high-quality CBD product.

Fortunately, we’re here with some helpful tips. If you’re new to CBD, or even if you have tried CBD products before, you’ll want to stick around. We’ll cover the different types of CBD to look for, how to identify a high-quality product, and even share some great CBD products to try. Let’s jump right in!

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Due to its chemical composition, CBD does not create a psychoactive high commonly associated with THC. But CBD does interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Numerous studies have looked into how CBD might impact endocannabinoid receptor activity in the nervous system. Though there is still much to be discovered, many researchers believe there are promising signs that CBD can be used to treat a variety of health conditions, including inflammation, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Types of CBD

Since making their debut, CBD products have gained immense popularity as an alternative treatment for a diverse range of health concerns. While there are many different kinds of CBD products to choose from, there are also different types of CBD you should be aware of:

CBD isolate only contains CBD extracted from the cannabis plant. People looking for CBD in its purest form, without the added effects of THC and other compounds, will appreciate the transparent nature of CBD isolate.
Broad-spectrum CBD products contain many different cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant, including CBC, CBN, and terpenes. This type of CBD typically does not include THC.
Full-spectrum products contain all the chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, including THC. Because full-spectrum CBD is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, it may offer stronger health benefits than CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD.

How to Identify a High-Quality CBD Product

CBD-infused products include nourishing skin-care items, delicious edibles, and convenient e-liquids, but how can you spot the high-quality products among the rest?

To take the guesswork out of your hunt for the best CBD products on the market, here are five features to look for to ensure a high-quality item.

Most CBD products are made from hemp, a “hyperaccumulator” plant, meaning that it absorbs whatever is found in the soil during its growth process. This includes both good and bad substances – vitamins and minerals that replenish the body and substances such as lead, petroleum, and toxic chemicals considered harmful.

The safest CBD oil is sourced from hemp farms regulated by the government. These farms frequently undergo soil testing for toxic substances. To find CBD oil with the least contaminants, look for CBD sourced from a regulated producer.
High-quality CBD products are expensive to produce. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Subpar, less expensive ingredients, including low-quality raw materials, are an attractive alternative for some companies looking to cash in on the CBD market while keeping production costs low.

A cheaper price tag may indicate the product may only contain trace amounts of CBD. Also, be aware that hemp seed and hemp seed oil are not the same as CBD.
Before you purchase a CBD product, look for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on the container, the box the product came in, or the company website. A COA shows a third-party independent testing facility has tested the product.

Keep in mind if a company received good test results, it should be eager to share this information with its customers.
Good CBD product manufacturers will clearly state their ingredients on the label, including CBD concentration shown in milligrams. Be aware that higher numbers mean the product is more potent.

Misleading and unclear product labels may signify something is ‘fishy’. It can also lead to inaccurate dosing, especially if the concentrate listed on the COA doesn’t match the product label. If you feel uneasy about any of the information found on a product label, the product is probably not worth the risk.
There can be a lot of benefits to reading customer reviews when making a purchase decision. This is especially true when it comes to finding a high-quality CBD product. Given that CBD use is on the rise, there are plenty of opinions and recommendations from consumers on the topic.

Reviews can be especially useful if you are looking to use CBD for a particular benefit. Reviews can be like a sneak peak at what the product might be able to do for you, helping you to decide if it might be a good fit before purchase.

The Benefits of CBD

Since CBD products are non-addictive and don’t always produce the ‘high’ associated with marijuana, they have become a popular option for people looking to alleviate chronic or debilitating symptoms that impact their day-to-day life.

While promising research is still ongoing, studies to date show that CBD products can potentially help manage medical conditions such as:

Side Effects of CBD Products

Despite CBD products receiving a lot of praise due to their health benefits, no product is perfect. It’s important not to overlook the following potential adverse effects CBD can have on the body:

CBD Products You Should Try

If you’re looking for good old-fashioned relief from chronic pain or hope to find an alternative or addition to traditional medications, CBD products might be a great option. Here are three high-quality CBD products we highly recommend:

Looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD without feeling high? THC-Free Daytime CBD Isolate Oil is a perfect choice! Add it to water or take it sublingually under the tongue for a fast and easy way to experience all the benefits of CBD.

Calling all vape lovers – this CBD cartridge combines a highly sought-after sativa cultivar with Sour Tangie and Cannatonic to deliver a high potency CBD with a citrusy flavour. In an effort to preserve the unique plant profiles featured in its ingredients, this CBD blend is stabilized using naturally occurring terpenes, with no fillers or carrier oils added.

This natural charcoal face mask topical comes with a light rosy scent and indulgent ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter perfect for pampering your skin. Designed to deep cleanse and remove impurities from skin pores, it also absorbs excess oil without drying out the skin. This topical leaves your face feeling fresh and clean with the peace of mind in knowing it is free from harmful additives such as parabens, alcohol, synthetic fragrances and colours.

Guiding You to High-quality CBD

CBD is undoubtedly growing in popularity, but spotting a high-quality product is key to reaping the benefits. We at Cannabis Bazaar want to be your guide through our exciting product line while promoting your general well-being. Take a look at our menu on our website or get in touch for more information.

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